No, sorry. Acetaminophen is not “tied” to ADHD.

Researchers studied 64,000 pregnant women, over half of whom took acetaminophen during their pregnancies. The researchers then followed up with the children those women gave birth too, looking for signs of ADHD. The results? – See more at:

That wooshing sound you heard was all the love for Lovely Warren leaving the room.

Lovely Warren’s first 14 days are a textbook example of how not to handle a crisis as a public official.

Honeymoon’s over. Lovely Warren has pushed post-election good will right off the table:

This is really not a time to hire your uncle to an $80k job you invented for dubious reasons, then sneak out of a traffic ticket on vague grounds of executive privilege. And those are just the Clift’s Notes of the last few weeks. Instead of magnanimous, we are left with the ignominious.

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